Thank you cards

Brief: Thank you cards for teachers in Holmesglen. Concepts are warm, friendly and simple. I used my brush lettering technique to made the cover.

Nguyen Vi Que

Brief: Logo for Nguyen Vi Que, a company that deals with nut and country product in Vietnam

Wes Anderson Film Festival

Brief: Poster and brochure for Wes Anderson Film Festival. Wes Anderson is a renown comedy director. Most of his films have vibrant and child-like colours, but still give a strong sense of balance. Client: BFI Southbank Demographic: Film lovers who are interested in the specific genre, in this case comedy movies from Wes Anderson.

Venue Identity

Brief: Brand identity for a new contemporary exhibition and entertainment venue in Abu Dhabi. The purpose of the client is constructing a new symbol for the city. The venue would be the top place where medium to high income people would gather for conventions, exhibitions and conferences. Client: Sadar+Vuga Demographic: Age ranges from 20-35, mostly… Read more »

Finance website

Brief: Finance Website for Bill & Chris, a financial consultant and broker company. The company targets newlyweds with a friendly and reliable financial message. The website should not only be stand out and unique, but also be able to present the main message of the company. Client: Bill & Chris Demographic: Newly-wedded couples in late… Read more »